Born in 1978, Manuel Ruiz del Corral has developed his artistic skills under his masters Manuel Seco de Arpe and Pablo Miyar. Furthermore, studying works by Einojuhani Rautavaara and receiving advice from the finnish master has been important for his artistic development.

His career spans over fifteen years of experience in film and concert music composition. His stylistic versatility has allowed him to cover many genres, from symphonic and chamber music to electronic, film and TV music.

Nowadays, he is mainly focused in his concert music catalogue. He’s actually writing a book of preludes-tableaux for solo piano, a cycle of songs for soprano and piano, and two major orhestral works to be released in 2016/2017 season. Furthermore, several works have been internationally premiered by acclaimed young performers, with excellent reception from the audience.

His film music catalogue includes soundtracks for awarded films and shortfilms (L.A. Latino Film Festival Honorable Mention, Biznaga de Plata in Malaga International Film Festival). He has also composed full orchestral scores for major videogames as 20th Century Fox  “Aliens in the Attic”, with excellent reviews (Meristation, Adventure Gamers), among other works for TV series and advertising.

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