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Prelude-Tableau for Piano No.1, “Echos du Temps” (2012)

Dedicated to the top spanish pianist Miguel Baselga, “Echos du Temps” is an hommage to the genius of Claude Debussy.  From the inspiring  ostinato of “Brouillards”,  Ruiz del Corral writes an exquisite miniature of open an unfinished impressions, full of sensual piano sonorities.

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Essay No.6, for Clarinet and String Orchestra (2013)

Dedicated to the clarinetist Cristina Martin, this Essay delevops an exquisite dialogue between the clarinet and the string orchestra. Starting from a nuclear four-note motif played by the clarinet, the score threshes a three-part structure that subtly enfolds the listener with ambigous sonorities.

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Essay No.7 for Symphonic Orchestra

Essay No.7, “Gabriel”, for Symphonic Orchestra (2014)

Conceived as a “tour de force”, this 10-minute Essay goes across four different concepts of texture and rhythm, dealing with orchestral masses. “Gabriel” plays with darkness and light, constructing textures by overlapping cells and different sound layers, as a vivid sample of the personal techique of the composer.

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     Essay No.7 excerpt num.2

Essay No.7 excerpt (3)